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Oakland County

Oakland County Fire Suppression Inspections by Arbor Inspections

The Fire Prevention Code of 1941 was enacted in Michigan to "provide for the prevention of fires and the protection of persons and property from exposure to the dangers of fire or explosion (and) to control the construction, use, and occupancy of buildings and premises in relation to safety, including fire safety." More codes, laws, and amendments for fire safety have been added to this very significant landmark act. Certainly, lives have been saved, and property spared as a result of these efforts.

The necessity of fire suppression systems cannot be understated. Saving lives is of the utmost importance and the purpose of fire safety. Stopping fires before they start, or at least minimizing damage to property, is second. Fire suppression systems may be antifreeze systems, wet systems, dry systems, or another suppression system, but and each requires routine inspections according to the fire safety code requirements.

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Your Building's Fire Suppression Systems Must Be Routinely Inspected in Oakland County

Property managers and building owners know that Fire Safety Rules and Code Requirements outline the necessity and frequency of fire suppression system inspections. Main drains, fire pumps, and all parts associated with a suppression system also fall under the code. Failure to comply and stay up to date will result in fines and penalties for not complying with the inspection requirements.

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R 29.2802 states that system testing, servicing, inspection, or maintenance by a certified firm is required, as such:
"Rule 2. (1) Testing, servicing, inspection, or maintenance functions which are intended to be performed by persons who have special training, knowledge, and equipment and which is so indicated in the manufacturer's instructions or a nationally recognized code are required to be performed by a certified firm. At a minimum of once a year, system tests of required fire alarm systems and fire suppression systems shall be conducted in compliance with the standards adopted by reference in R 29.2809 by a certified firm."

Arbor Inspections is a certified, professional Fire Suppression Inspection company serving all of Oakland County. Our reports are incredibly detailed for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections all fire suppression systems and fire pumps. We will walk through your property to go over the reports upon the completion of an inspection. If any adjustments or repairs are needed, they will be thoroughly explained. We provide expert installation of all system types, and we offer repair service and part replacement.

We hope that your fire suppression system is never needed; however, it must be in operable condition at all times.

When you realize that 98% of inspections result in service being needed, or even a small part replaced, you understand that inspections are not to be overlooked. One malfunctioning or worn part can have a detrimental effect on the operation of a whole system. For convenience, our maintenance team sends reminders when it is time for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual inspections of your fire suppression system.

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