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About Us

Specializing in Fire Sprinkler Systems in Southeast Michigan

A division of Ann Arbor Fire Protection, Arbor Inspection Services, LLC was established in 2002 and is an insured and licensed fire sprinkler contractor specializing in FIRE SPRINKLER INSPECTIONS.  Properly managers, business owners and Fire Marshals all agree that our inspections are thorough and our reports are simple to read and understand. Because we never cut corners in our work, we have an excellent reputation with local fire marshals and numerous insurance carriers who know us as a collaborative and cooperative company.

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Why Do I Need a Fire Suppression System Inspection?

It is a Fire Code requirement. Building owners can be held liable for property damage and loss of life in a building that has not been properly maintained and inspected. That is something that should not and does not have to happen. If a fire should occur, occupant safety is number one, and a properly working fire suppression system can minimize or interrupt damage to your building.

Fire Code Requirements

The responsibility for properly maintaining a water-based fire protection system shall be that of the owner of the property. Using periodic inspections, testing, and maintenance, the equipment shall be shown to be in good operating condition or any defects or impairments shall be revealed.
Source: NFPA 25 (2008); code 4.1.2

The property owner or occupant shall promptly correct, or repair deficiencies, damaged parts, or impairments found while performing the inspection, test, and maintenance requirements of this standard.
Source: NFPA 25 (2008); code 4.1.4

Commercial Fire Rating Schedule (CFRS) section 402 requires building owners to have annual inspections of sprinkler systems to receive a “sprinkled” insurance rate. Overdue or non-existent inspections will raise insurance premiums.
Source: Insurance Services Office (ISO)