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Main Drains

Main Drain Inspections for Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan Businesses

Main drain inspections are limited to main drain flow only. This is a limited inspection that is included as part of all Annual, Quarterly, and Riser inspections.

Usually, the only time there is a request for a main drain inspection (and ONLY a main drain inspection) would come from your insurance provider. In this case, the inspector wants to verify that the main water supply from the street is not blocked or compromised. The main drain test evaluates the condition of the water supply to a fire sprinkler system and also ensures that the water supply valve is fully open. Any deterioration or change in the water supply is noted by comparing test results to previous test results.

While this is an important test, it cannot be considered a sprinkler system inspection, nor take the place of a full fire system suppression inspection. The local Fire Marshal will not accept it as such.

Main Drain Photo

What Can I Expect During a Main Drain Inspection?

Arbor Inspection Services will always provide you with a detailed report of the results of any testing we conduct. Insurance providers and building inspectors appreciate our thorough reports.

During the main drain inspection, we will:

  • Record the pressure indicated by the supply water gauge [Static Pressure]
  • Close the alarm control valve on alarm valves
  • Fully open the main drain valve
  • After the flow has stabilized, record the residual (flowing) pressure indicated by the water supply gauge
Photo of Main Drain

Main Drain and Other Inspections for Your Property in the Southeast Region of MI

If your local Fire Marshal in Wayne, Oakland, or Washtenaw County has requested a separate Main Drain or other inspection, give Arbor a call. We will schedule the inspection right away to ensure you are in good standing with your local authorities. Local Fire Marshals and inspectors appreciate our great service, attention to detail, and our in-depth reports that we provide.

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