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Southeast Michigan's Expert Fire Suppression System Inspections

We provide very detailed reports to our clients upon the completion of a fire suppression system inspection. In the most basic sense, an inspection is performed by testing and examining every part of the fire suppression system. Even if one small part has become damaged or inoperable, it can significantly impact the system’s ability to function and could even lead to deadly implications if not repaired. Parts must be kept in optimal working order with the hope they will never have to be used.  If there is to be a failure, you want it to happen during testing and not during an emergency.

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Fire Suppression System Inspections

What does a typical fire suppression system inspection involve?

We test all sprinkler system alarm devices, first things first. The system must not only respond to a fire but connect to and alert the local fire department for help. We check flowing water through main drains and inspector’s test connections. We exercise all main control valves to verify the supply of spare sprinkler heads and appropriate head wrench. We do a visual inspection of all sprinkler heads for recalls, corrosion, paint, tape, damage, orientation, and age. We visually inspect all exposed piping and hangers, and sprinkler head coverage. Arbor Inspection Services offers fire suppression inspection services throughout SE Michigan for commercial property owners.

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Examples of Fire Suppression System Reports: