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Fire Pumps

Best Fire Pump System Inspection in Ann Arbor, MI

A Fire Pump is part of a fire suppression system but is found mainly in larger facilities. There are two types of fire pumps, electric motor, and diesel engine. The fire pump is connected directly in line with the fire protection water supply and is used to boost the pressure and volume of water available in the system. There is typically a smaller pump called a jockey pump connected to this system as well. The jockey pump is used to maintain constant pressure on the system without requiring the main fire pump to run. 

Electric and Diesel Fire Pump Photo

Electric and Diesel Fire Pump Installation and Repair Service

Whether your building's fire suppression system pumps water with an electric or diesel fire pump, they must be inspected. Depending on how tall your building is, water has to be pumped to the top floors and every floor with the same required pressure. The fire suppression pump is undoubtedly one of the most critical parts of a tall building's fire suppression system. With the electric pump, an alternative electrical source must be available in case of an electrical outage. During your routine fire pump system inspection, a fire pump report is also prepared. The fire pump system inspection will reveal any problems that must be remedied for either electric or diesel pumps. Arbor Inspection can repair fire pumps and parts or install new fire pumps as needed.

The Jockey Fire Pump System Inspection

The Jockey Fire Pump System Inspection

The jockey pump's only purpose is to keep the water pressure up to normal in the sprinkler system when the sprinkler system is in "standby", waiting for a fire. While the sprinkler system is in standby mode (no fire), even at the top of a tall building, water pressure needs to be kept up in case there is a fire. The pressure is maintained with a smaller second pump, the jockey pump. It is a replenishing pump and is activated when the sprinkler heads start and cause a decrease in water pressure. The water pressure replenishing by the jockey pump signals the water flow switches to activate the main fire pump.

The jockey pump's job is vital, and keeping all the parts working is essential to safety and life. During your routine fire pump system inspection, Arbor Inspections will provide a fire pump report. We will also identify parts that need installation and repair services. Keep your building and its occupants are safe!

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An ANNUAL fire pump inspection consists of testing and inspecting the following components:

  • Suction and discharge pressure readings
  • Adjustment of packing glands
  • Check casing relief valve
  • Check pressure relief valve
  • Flow readings at churn, 100% and 150% of capacity
  • Record revolutions per minute RPM
  • Record motor voltage ad current (electric motor only)
  • Visual check of heat exchanger (diesel engine only)
  • Check of fuel solenoid operation (diesel engine only)
  • Check engine oil level (diesel engine only)
  • Verify anti-freeze level (diesel engine only)
  • Check for exhaust leakage (diesel engine only)
  • Check batteries (diesel engine only)
  • Check proper operation of the jockey pump